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Gotta love our society... [29 Mar 2008|01:15pm]
[ mood | confused? ]

There's an advertisement on Facebook right now which I find slightly appaling... have you guys seen it?

The title is "Are you fat?"
That's bad enough, right? Blunt and insensitive, sounding more like a precursor for a mandate than a legitimate question. Not "Do you want to lose weight?" "Would you like to become more comfortable with your body?" "Are you unhappy with your body?" or something like that-- "Are you fat?"

Then we get the graphic: a girl facing away from the camera in a very cute pink bikini with polka dots, shot from mid back down. She's-- gotta love this-- pinching her "back fat" or "love handles" or something-- I can't even tell because I don't think she really has either-- and seems to be struggling a great deal to get what just looks like mostly plain skin to stay pinched. So fat, right?

THEN comes the rest of the ad: "Enter your weight, height, and email to recieve your very own weight loss program for free!" Remember the headline: Are you fat? There's no follow up question, just the rest of the ad, implying that one does not have a choice, that if one is fat one must follow the rest of the directions, no two ways about it. I'm not sure if I am more pissed off by that or the fact that the "fat" girl is small enough to wear a bikini and is still far skinnier than many women I've seen in bikinis-- none whom might be considered "fat" either. That word is a joke anyway. It's slang and grossly misused. It's been misappropriated, used as a put down by skinny girls when talking about other skinny girls they are jealous of or-- worse-- a self-demeaning word used by any woman, regardless of her size, who has a problem with her physical appearance on a given day.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but that ad just makes my blood boil...

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And thus begins another year... [01 Jan 2008|04:35pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Wow. 2008. How futuristic does that sound. Remember when we celebrated the start of the new millenium and that was virtually the biggest deal ever? That was eight years ago. And in 2010 I graduate college. That's two and a half years from now. Two and a half years until I am catapulted into reality. Not cool. And remember 1998? For me, that was fourth grade? That was ten years ago. Ughhh we're getting old... I'm not sure I'm ok with that.

It's funny. The year changing never means much to me because I tend to measure years in correspondance to the school year. Thus, the new year really begins those last few weeks in August. Still, every year I think back on the previous one. Usually I have one really big, defining life event, either positive or negative. Even just going back to the start of high school, there was something every year: starting high school, Steve asking me out, ring banquet, getting my braces off, prom, graduating high school, starting college. But, this year, there was nothing. Sure, things happened, but nothing terribly importaint or exciting. Just little things. 

Still, it was a good year. I survived two more semesters of college, made some new friends,(though I think I many have lost a few...), stregnthed some already amazing friendships, went on my first independant trip of significant distance, and a million other mundane, insignificant things which all added up to a decent year. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but when I think back on the year, I don't really think about anything. Maybe that's just the nature of retrospection and I'm blocking out anything bad that happened, but 2007 was really just a blandly happy year, which works for me. I think my Ithaca friends were a big part of that. They're fabulous and we just never get tired of hanging out, even when we're not doing anything exciting. School is perfect. I'm already dying to go back. I'm bummed Steve's leaving and I do want to see a few people at least once before I go back, but, generally, I'm over being home. It's boring. And I get guilt tripped for sleeping in and staying up late and just generally being a college student. I don't even have curfew clashes or anything like that. I've just gotten used to one lifestyle that's different enough from the one I have here to make it annoying. Plus I miss everyone. SO much more than last year. It's nice that Sam and I have gotten close. She's just ten minutes away. We hung out this week and it was quite fun. She's fabulous and it was a nice little dose of Ithaca to tide me over. Once Steve goes back I'll probably see some more of her and hopefully Emily and my Jackies and a few others. 

Oh and, if anyone's wondering, I'm starting to hate the puppy less and less. He's still pretty bad when he wants to be, but he's definately improved. I get really mad when he chases the cat, however, because she's my baby and always will be. I totally play favorites there :-P

Anyway, I was just feeling chatty. That's about all I had to say.

Peace, love, and happiness :-D

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[14 Nov 2007|12:52am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I've decided that I want to study abroad if at all possible/if my Dad will let me and I think this will work out with my major and one of my minors:

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Bet you thought I had been erased from the surface of the earth, did you? [29 Oct 2007|07:03pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Well I have not written so much as a word in this thing since the summer and while I'm not so into it anymore, I feel like I should put SOMETHING in it from time to time. Plus I like rambling and talking excessively and this is a good venue for that. 
Umm I don't have much to say. As busy as sophomore year has been, it's not terribly exciting stuff. I get so much work this year, as compared to the, oh, next to nothing, I got last year. That's lame. I'm working for Information Technology Services. It takes up a fair chunk of my week, but it's money and not too boring. Excellent co-workers. I'm enjoying myself. I'm stage managing the freshman show I was in last year. It's fun. I'd rather be out there performing, but it's fun to help out too. I really hope to get into a show next semester. I auditioned for an acting class for next semester and I got in, so at the very least I will have THAT in my life. One of my best friends here, Dave, is directing a play next semester (Rumors by Neil Simon) with a role he says is perfect for me (a ditzy cooking show host). Of course, he won't cast unfairly, but he said he'll be mad at me if I don't try out, lol. I don't know what the musicals will be next semester. I'd just like to be in something. 
In other news, not too much is up. I am planning a movie and baked goods fest for Halloween and this weekend my family will be here for parents' weekend. I stupidly invited my sisters to sleep on my floor. I think I'm going to regret that decision pretty quickly, haha. No, it should be ok. I just thought they'd get a kick out of it. Although next year Chelsea will be in college herself. That's scary. 
Ok, well I'm going to go read a little bit before I have to go to FYC. Tuesdays is a slow homework day so I can actually take some time for frivolous things tonight. Lovely :)

Peace, love, and happiness!

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[01 Jul 2007|06:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My family came back from the Jersey shore today and brought me a hermit crab as a souvineer. He is in a pinky purple shell and in his tank is a Nemo shell for when he gets bigger and needs to change. They thought they killed him, but when we got back from Stop and Shop he had moved to the other end of the tank, so I think he's alive. His name is Jean Claw. It's funny if you say it with a french accent, I swear. I am going to take him to school with me for sure. And maybe I'll get a new Beta, too, and have two little faux roomies. I kind of love him already <3

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Ciao amici! [21 Jun 2007|10:49pm]
[ mood | dreamy ]

Today I decided I really, really, really need to go to Italy. It just needs to happen sometime in my life.
An hour ago I decided that I need to spend tomorrow ordering many cheap books off half.com to jumpstart my own little summer reading list. Including *gasp!* some classics! I'm going to be a good english major for once!
Finally, about 2 minutes ago I saw pictures from Jason Robert Brown's newish musical and I decided I really need to hear more songs from it, but they don't have existant recordings, so that's a problem.
Oh also about a half an hour ago I decided that I'm going to die if I don't see some IC people soon and that you get really obscenely long summer vacations in college. Even when you're going back 5 days early to be trained for work like I am.
That's all I guess.

Peace, love, and happiness :)

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[07 Jun 2007|05:08pm]
[ mood | slightly annoyed ]

So since my sister is an inadvertant flirt and trouble magnet, my mom is getting all freaked out about leaving me alone when they go away at the end of the month. I'm hardly going to be home between work and rehearsals, but she's like "I don't want you to be alone. Can try to find friends to sleep over that week?" I think I can talk her out of it to an extent, but I wouldn't mind the company some of the days, I guess. So since I am five years old and can't stay home alone, if anyone's interested in filling the position of legal adult's babysitter any of the nights during the week of June 25th, let me know.

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[30 May 2007|07:15pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

I found out that I was accepted as a voice minor today!
I like when auditions actually work out. 
I am very happy :)

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[06 May 2007|01:35pm]
[ mood | a little lazy, a little bored ]

Ugh I really suck at studying for exams. I've been so good about studying at college, too. Basically, I DIDN'T study in high school, so technically anything would have been an improvement. I have actually managed to develop decent study habits now though. I didn't realize that until I pulled a high school and just read over my notes before a quiz  a few weeks and took it in a panicked fog because I hadn't studied enough then went "Oh yeah, this is what quizzes and tests always used to feel like!". I'm really kind of proud of myself, though. My GPA doesn't reflect it well enough, but I've done very well this year. I mean it was still equivalent to a B+, which is decent, but I would have liked to do better. Stupid Gen Eds bring me down. My math class killed me last semester and this semester I suspect my science class will be the cause of my GPA death. To put it in perspective, I have gotten A's in every class that's in my major so far, including my 200 level class this semester. Once I'm done with my Gen Ed requirements (after next semester!) I think I am going to see a much higher GPA. Anyway, I've digressed.

Classes were officially over on Friday at 4 PM for me. Now I just have to survive exam week and my freshman year will be over. I'm really freaked out by that. I'm ok with it being summer, but I am really weirded out by the fact that I only have 3 more years of college after this. This year absolutely flew. It was rediculous. I love it here. I like most of my classes and professors, I love the independance, my friends are amazing... I don't want to be a year closer to the real world!

But I am half excited for summer. I will be good to see my family and Steve again, although I'm sure I'll be tired of the former pretty quickly, though I am excited to see them again at the moment. I'm going to work at the firm again and I will also be returning to Audubon Arts. The first I am ambivalent about, almost dreading it, though. The second I'm actually really excited about. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to come back, but now that it's close I'm psyched. The staff is really fun and it will be a new bunch of kids, which is excited. I hope they're amazing as (most of) my group last year. I still have the six year olds, who I thought were the perfect age, so I'm excited. I don't know who my co-counselor will be since Cassie's not coming back. I pray they're as cool as she was. 

I am going to miss my IC friends a lot this summer, though. They are some of the coolest people I have ever met. It's amazing that I found a school that has so many quirky, fun, genuinely nice people. I mean not EVERYONE her is like that, but so many are. It's not unlike the group of people at ECA, except with a broader range of majors, which makes it even more remarkable. But I really am so pleased with the new friends I have made. I love them to death and I hope that we are able to be as close next year as we were this year. Fortunately, plans are in the works to see many of them this summer. Hannah and Rachel are planning to come down to visit me and Juli at some point, which would be the funnest thing ever, pretty much, and I am hopefully going to be allowed to go up and visit them. And visting them probably means getting to see Mike Poe, too, since he and Hannah are friends and live in the same town. And if I'm up there already, Dave is really close so I'd have to swing by and see him. And even if I don't visit Dave then, me and Mandi and Dave definately need to meet up at some point over the summer. Mandi and I are about equal distance from the West Farms Mall, so once she's recovered from her surgery we will hopefully get a shopping trip in. So it will be all good. As long as we can work in some visits, I will survive. Plus I'll get to see the few Milford people I still care about while I'm hope, so that will be awesome too. I expect to see the whole gang at some point. You KNOW me and the Jackies will need to get some quality JRJ time. Hopefully Smelly will be able to come home for the spring festival and/or I'll be permitted to drive out to visit her at some point this summer. I've never been this potentially social in my life. It's amazing. I blame college. It gave me a taste of a social life and now I actually care to have one once and a while :P

Oh and I've been roomie-less this weekend, que triste! It's been a preview for my single next year, I suppose. It's always kind of weird to have this room to myself, since I'm used to sharing it, but I've been trying to pretend this weeked like only my half exists, hence a roomate is not MISSING and giving me an idea what living in a single will be like. I think I'll live. Well I mean Rachel and Hannah are going to be right upstairs and Amanda and Anna and all them will be up in the suite on the 3rd floor so it will be kind of like at home, how I have my own room in the context of a big house and I think that will be kind of nice. Mostly because I'll be able to sing without worrying about someone opening the door, at which point I have to either pretend I wasn't singing or that I'm not embarassed about getting caught, both of which are transparently false, hahaha. It's ok, though. I'm flexible. I liked having a roomate this year, but I'll be fine in my single too.

Ok, well since my Shakespeare exam is now less than 24 hours away, I better get back to studying. 
Peace, love, and happiness :D

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[30 Apr 2007|09:35pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

So I made this creation today which I am extremely proud of and needed some place to brag about it, so you guys win!

Ok, so here's the story: My mom's birthday is this weekend and, being a poor college student, I wanted to do something creative that would also be inexpensive. I decided that I was going to try to photoshop this picture of Chel and I in ballet class when we were little that my mom LOVES. I wanted to make it look like one of those old, victorian, hand-tinted prints. 

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Lamenting the Broadway of an Earlier Era [12 Apr 2007|11:57pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Dear Broadway,

When did you turn so- it pains me to say it- American Idol? I just listened to a song from Legally Blonde: the Musical (why did you think that was a good idea? And this is from a fan of the movie) and it sounds rediculously pop-y. In fact, it sounds very nearly identical to The Wedding Singer in many aspects. But I do realize that really had to be an 80's pop/rock score so it's not really a fair comparison. I guess I'm just trying to say that you need to return to your roots. Great move with all the Sondheim revivals lately, but do something new and GOOD. Where have all the quality composers gone? Let's get some JRB back on the Great White Way- Hell, let's get someone new and even BETTER than JRB! Stop refusing to take risks by making musical based on blockbuster hits and come up with something creative. Props to Spring Awakening for being a creative theatrical endeavor, but even that has a folk/rock soundtrack. What happened to Rogers and Hammerstein? Gershwin? Porter? It's cool that there are new and different subgenres emerging within musical theater, but that doesn't mean EVERYTHING should sound like American Idol. What happened to that classic sound? Beautiful floating soprano and brassy belters who don't feel the need to employ melisma every note? Bring the "broadway" back to Broadway!

A Slightly Pretentious Enthusiast

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[01 Apr 2007|01:07am]
[ mood | chill ]

"It's good to see me, isn't it? No need to answer, that was rhetorical." (And that's from Wicked. I'm not that conceited... yet :P)

So hello world. It's been a while. I've sort of forgotten about this thing, especially since Gilmore Girls is currently in reruns ;)

I'd love to say that I've been living a terribly exciting and glamorous life all this time I've been remiss in keeping up with this thing, but I'd be lying. Life's pretty good right now, but it is not all that exciting. IC is still cool. I've decided to triple minor- writing, music (pending audition), and theater. I'm an english major, so I have absolutely nothing practical in that set, but since when have I ever been interested in any career that will guarentee me a large paycheck? I'm really getting into the writing thing lately, actually. Many bad songs and bad poems have been produced and I started to write a novel, but I got bored with that after about two days. Although I was thinking of working on that again... I really do enjoy writing.

Something I DID do that was exciting was to take my first completely independent vacation! It was a mini-vacation, but it was still awesome. I went down to Elon to visit Steve for a few days during my spring break. Of course we had a lot of fun and we did not get sick of eachother or anything, so that was all good. His school is really nice. But probably the most exciting part of the trip for me (no offense, Steve!!!) was all the independance. It was like... I was sitting on the train, passing through Philidelphia at about 4 AM and I just had this thought, like I got the first time I really drove by myself: "I could go anywhere right now... I can do anything I want". I've never travelled by myself before or had 4 whole days of total independance where I could make all my own decisions about absolutely everything. It was such a great experience.

And now we're getting to the point where we're picking housing and courses for next semester. It's crazy... I can't believe my freshman year of college is almost over! I'm almost a sophomore in college... I'm not sure I'm ok with that :P This year has absolutely been flying by. I hope all four years do not go this quickly. That wouldn't be fair. College is too fun to fly like that.

I actually dragged out the high school yearbook today. It's amazing... I had so many miserable days at Law and I was not a fan in general, but I did manage to have some pretty good memories. I mean I had way more at ECA and stuff, but Law was still sometimes fun. To everyone from HS who reads this, I'm thinking of you. I miss you! I can make that generalization because only cool people from Milford read this thing ;D

Alrighty, well I am going to peace out now. So much to do! It's amazing how productive the middle of the night can be. I am actually a huge loser and cleaned the microwave/counter in our kitchen tonight because they were absolutely disgusting. Then I went into the bathroom and the sink is so gross that I didn't want to touch that either (lots of toothpaste spit, eww), so I'm thinking of giving the sink a rinse too. My mother has trained me well :P

Peace, love, and happiness :D

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I need a favor, pretty please :) [05 Feb 2007|11:00pm]
[ mood | cold ]

So I have something to ask of you guys. I've recently started to listening to music again other than showtunes and Something Corporate and realized that I have a enormous hunger for rock music right now, or any music, really, that is by an artist or band and not from a musical. I'm still listening to my musicals. of course, but I realized I really miss having other music in my life. And right now I'm sick of everything in my iTunes. That's where you come in. I need recommendations for new artists/bands to listen to. Uploads would be amazing but not required. My tastes have changed a little bit, so I'll inform and refresh memories now.

1) Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin are the loves of my life, so anything like them would be amazing.
2) I've recently gotten into Alanis Morissette
3) I am crazy for anything with piano in it. I'm also a huge fan of acoustic guitar.
4) That being said, I can't live on mellow music alone, so loud, upbeat rock is great too.
5) I love Sugarcult, but I can't find my CD :(
6) I've reconciled with pop music and realized listening to it will not make me a bad person. That being said, I'm not usually fond of the stuff on the radio. My bubblegum pop days are over. And by pop I mean real pop music, but not too cheesey and not hip hop-y or rap-y or anything really that people would dance to in a club. Hey, it's a start. I didn't say I was in love with it :P
7) I love Idina Menzel's solo stuff.
8) I'm open to pretty much anything right now... I just need to listen to some new stuff. 

Thanks in advance, everyone! I will love you forever if you help me :)

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[02 Feb 2007|06:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Today I spent exactly $25.82 on Valentine's Day, none of which was spent on my boyfriend, who's gift I took care of obtaining last weekend.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a holiday person. My mom is nuts about the holidays. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day; you name it and it's a big deal in my house. I've always loved that, but now that I'm living away at college I realize how importaint it is to me. Not to spend a lot of money on the holidays, but to make them <i>special</i>. I wish I had the time and money to pick out the perfect card for each of my friends and send it to them. I had to draw the line just after grandparents, but I really wanted to keep going with my card search. So much fun. 

I used to think that Valentine's Day was kind of stupid. It's such a fabrication of the greeting card industry. Why should you just use that one day a year to say "I love you" or "I care about you" when there are 364 other perfectly good ones to use as well? I think it was just because I didn't have a boyfriend. And once I did... well I'm stubborn and hate to back down on my oppinions even if I know I'm wrong. I'm really in the spirit of things this year. I have made or purchased 7 cards and filled and addressed them already, bought small gifts for a few people, planned my gift for Steve for weeks, obtained Disney Princess valentines to distribute to my college friends, and glanced through pages of e-cards trying to decide who I should send which. It's really a nice holiday. It doesn't even have to be a romantic thing. Why can't you include your family and best friends? It's about love in general, not just romantic love. 

Sadly, I can't count on my mom to make holidays awesome this year because she's obviously not at school with me. Although I do know I'm going to be receiving a nice early valentine's day box sometime this week. Now I have to make holidays fun myself. This is why I decorated for Halloween and Christmas. I still don't have the heart to take our Christmas decorations down, although they are all snow themed so it's not like they look inappropriet yet. It's fun to enjoy holidays and do nice things for people to get them to enjoy them as well. It always surprises me when I realize I'm more like my mom then I thought, because that is so her. 

So I guess the point of this was just to say the following: enjoy every holiday! Even if you're cynical, you can't deny they spice up life and make things a little out of the ordinary. If you're bumming about boys (as I know a few of you are), don't let the day get you down! Appreciate your friends and family and just be happy to have something to celebrate :)

Peace, love, and happiness :D

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Happy 2007... how futuristic that sounds! [02 Jan 2007|11:44am]
[ mood | awake ]

First order of buisness: An update... I know, haven't seen one of those in two months or so, right? Life is good, can't complain too much. I had a very nice christmas and new year's eve I went out to dinner with Steve and my family then Steve and I went to Brittany's and saw all the old crowd, which was great. Last week I went to the city twice. I went with my family and saw "The Drowsy Chaperone," which was very funny. I was thrilled Sutton Foster was still in the cast because I LOVE her voice and I'm so excited I got to see her in person. Then Saturday Steve and I went to the city. We did a lot of walking around, some shopping, some eating, and I had an acting lesson with a broadway actor. He helped me SO much with my monologues and he did it all for free as a favor to my voice teacher. Thank you both of them! He teaches at the Yale School of Drama on top of being an actor, so he really knows what he's talking about. I also took the New York subway and the CT train for the first time. My family doesn't usually do public transportation. It was a fun day. The last month of college was also good. I find out how I did on my finals tomorrow, which is a little nervewracking because I am fairly certain that my math final was atrocious, but even if I got a 50 I'd still have like a C, I figured out, so, as much as I don't want a C, it's not like I'm in danger of failing the course. I'm pretty sure I did extremely well on the rest of them. It kills me that, once again, math is going to bring me down, but I'll never ever ever have to take math again, so it's all good. I had a lot of fun in terms of a social life the last few weeks of school too. I saw a lot of Mandi and Dave and we had several nights of 849353745834 people in our room, which is always good stuff. As long as I haven't taken my makeup off yet, that is ;D And we had a formal, which was tons of fun. Since I've been home I mostly hung out with Steve because he's flying back to school as I type this, but I spent some time with Smelly too. Which was fun. It sucks Steve had to go back so soon, but we had many good times this break. The worst part is I may not see him for 5 months because our breaks line up, but I might come and visit him over my spring break, which would be great. So that's all. I was going to do a survey, but I have to go pick up my brat of a sister :P Happy New Year!

Peace, love, and happiness :D

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[10 Nov 2006|12:15am]
[ mood | victorious! ]

I won a beauty pageant today :P
I am now Miss Boothroyd, 2006.
I have a sash and a crown :D
It was for my dorm and you had to have goofy evening attire and a goofy talent and answer rediculous questions.
I went for the 60's prom look and delivered a dramatic Celine Dion interpretation of the song in my music. 
I do not think I will ever be able to be that funny and spontaneous in my entire life if I try.
Everyone was telling me I seemd to have been born for the competition.
This is probably because I have seen Miss Congeniality/Tiara Girls wayyy too many times :)
Highlights included Chris' rendition of the dance from Napolean Dynamite and the kid who's name I forget being a DDR genious and Dave Schwartz's "Ice Ice Baby" that reminded me of Kevin G from mean girls.
It was so much fun!
I love Boothroyd Hall as much as I love chocolate :D

Peace, love, and happiness :)

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Stolen from jackie dearest :) [27 Sep 2006|05:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

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[25 Sep 2006|01:02pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Hello, everyone!

I haven't written in centuries. Well that's gross hyperbolization, but, irregardless, it's been a long time.

So here's what I've been up to:

1) Schoolwork, obviously. It's amazing what happens when you actually study... I've been getting great grades so far, which makes me happy. And I don't even like spend my whole life studying so it's cool. And I love most of my classes most days.
2) I got into the First Year Cabaret, which is pretty much a musical with real musical theater songs strung together by original dialogue. It's a really fun show and I got a good part. My character is sooo much like me. Not everybody gets to sing their own song, but I do, which rocks. I am singing "Money, Money, Money" from Mamma Mia. Not the usual type of song I sing, so it will be an interesting experience. We perform on parents weekend and I can't wait.
3) Tap Club! I joined the tap dancing club on campus, which is a lot of fun. It's hard though because the girls who run it are really, really good and can do a lot of hard stuff. We're doing a rediculously fast dance right now, but the girl who make it up is really good at teaching, so I'm doing fine with it. Tap club is way harder than my modern dance class offered by the theater department, though.
4) First Year A Cappella! Since there were like 5 freshman accepted to the 3 awesome (and only) acappella groups on campus and so many talented freshman who want to sing leftover, my friend Dave decided to start his own group. He made me a board member, my official title being President and head of PR, so I got to judge auditions which was so much fun. I really enjoyed being the auditioiner vs. the auditionee for once. We sound fantastic so far, too, which is so exciting.
5) Voice lessons. My teacher is ok. I'm working on a mix of classical and mt. We just move really really slow, which makes it boring and does not motivate me to practice. 
6) Intramural soccer, even though I only played one game because of schedule conflicts. It was fun though.
7) Starting my campaign as a buisnesswoman selling makeup and vitamins and skincare and energy boosters and dietary suppliments and just about anything else you can think of. It's funny because I dont even know half the products I'm selling. I put posters up yesturday, though, and I already have one serious prospective client, which is awesome. Especially because I spent way too much money this month and could use some income, however minimal. Yay money!

So yeah, can't complain on the academic and extracurricular fronts. And I'm making friends here, too. It's easy because it seems that almost everyone here has something in common with you, mostly because so many people are into the arts. I mean, not everyone has something you can realate to, but there are a ton of cool people and almost everyone is nice. I still don't have much of a social life, though, but I didn't at home either. I generally enjoy staying in. Saturday night I was so bored I thought I was gunna go nuts, though, but two guys from downstairs ended up coming in and talking with me for like an hour and a half so it ended up being fun. Similarly, Friday night my friends Dave and Mandi came in to watch a movie but we never ended up putting it in and talked and sang the love medley from Moulin Rouge instead. There are a lot of cool people here.  So that's life. Now i'm out.

Peace, love, and happiness :D

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[06 Sep 2006|11:21pm]
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So, life!

College is still fun. My dorm is amazing and likes to have random events like an 80's dance party, a RIP Steve Irwin BBQ, and a showing of Finding Nemo in the lounge. Now we have an intramural soccer team, founded by my RA, that she peer pressured me into joining, so I'm on a soccer team now! LOL. Don't laugh TOO hard at that. Even though I know it's pretty hysterical. At least I have another legitimate excuse why I don't go to the gym :D Hopefully I will also soon be cast in a play or musical and I may audition for another acapella group this weekend. I'm not sure, though, because they are a little TOO contemporary for me. But we'll see. 

I'm bored of this. I'll finish this entry later.

Peace, love, and happiness :D

Once Upon a Time

[31 Aug 2006|05:11pm]
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I still like college, but PROFESSORS CONFUSE ME!!!

For intro to poetry we had two poems we read in class. One we analyzed and one we didn't but the homework was to read it and start working through it. He gave us a quesiton to answer: How did the spider catch the moth? They were both about spiders and I incorrectly assumed he was talking about the first one. We were supposed to email our responses, so I sent mine in this morning. He emailed me back saying thanks but I think you did the wrong poem. And I wrote back saying woops sorry I'm an idiot, here's the right homework. I sent a very well thought out response saying the spider caught the moth by fate, etc. because that's what the poem talks about. The spider is just sitting on a flower with a dead moth and it's like oh how cruel destiny is, sob sob. And THIS is what I get back:

Thanks for taking the time to send on your second response.  The color
white is surely a central ingredient in this morbid mini-drama, but I was
hoping you would address the specific method the spider employs to
capture the moth.  I'm more interested (for the moment) in HOW the
spider caught the moth rather than WHY it happened (the two may
be connected).  To be continued tomorrow in class!

GRRR! I get now that I did they WHY rather than the HOW, but there's nothing in the poem to say how he caught the moth. I'd have to make it up. My answer was rooted in facts supported by the poem. *Sigh* Why did I take poetry? Why? Damn my advisor who said to take it! lol I'm not actually upset, just being melodramatic, but I don't get how I was supposed to answer how the moth caught the spider in more detail than: The spider bulit a web on the flower and the moth flew in and got caught. The spider wrapped him up and stuck him with his poisonous sticker and the moth died. The end. lol. Anyway, that's all.

Peace, love, and happiness :)

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